Monday, June 1, 2009

Hi, Hello And Welcome: Part 1 (Still A Shithead)

Brilliant. That's the word George Grande just used to describe Mike Lincoln's 2008 season. I didn't get the memo, but brilliant, apparently, is synonymous with decidedly average.

Decidedly average. That's precisely what Mike Lincoln -- and his 101 ERA+ -- was last season.

Multi-year contract. That's what Walt Jocketty signed Lincoln to after his decidedly average 2008 campaign.

Key situation. That's where I never want to see Mike Lincoln making an appearance. Ever.


Self-inflicted gunshot wound between my eyeballs. That's what I'm considering after Edinson Volquez exited Monday's American baseball contest with numbness in the pinky and ring fingers of his right hand. This is undoubtedly related to the back spasms that sent him to the disabled list a few weeks ago.


Dinosaur. I want to be eaten by a dinosaur.

-Brad Spieser (